Dogs may be man’s best friend, but pooches may want to start thinking about getting chummier with the ladies.

A woman in Phoenix recently saved the life of an injured 47-pound pit bull when she carried him down a mountain after he’d been shot.

Andi Davis stumbled across the animal while she was hiking and realized he needed help, so she summoned the strength to carry the creature for 30 minutes a half-mile down the mountain where she was greeted by her husband and daughter.

They brought the dog to the Arizona Humane Society where doctors found bullets lodged in him. Because the bullets were so close to the spine veterinarians couldn’t operate, electing instead to give antibiotics.

The dog, which has since been named Elijah, is now in the custody of the Davis family, who are all smiles with him, above.

It's a far cry from what Elijah was like when Andi first discovered him, which you can see below.

Arizona Humane Society

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