What would you do if you got pantsed in public?

That's exactly what happened to a woman named Chy, who tweeted about her experience getting pantsed — by her own child, no less! — in a very public Panera Bread store last month.

"I will never fully recover from my daughter pulling down my shorts and exposing my bare ass and p---y in the middle of Panera Bread this morning," she shared in a now-viral tweet back over the weekend (May 29).

See her hilarious tweet about the otherwise unfortunate incident below:

The tweet, which garnered 20,000 retweets and almost 400,000 likes, even spilled over onto another social media platform: TikTok. It went viral there, too.

In a viral TikTok about the tweet, user @miriam_tinny shared, "There are some tweets you just never forget," admitting she's thought about the tweet a "couple times a day" since she first saw it.

"Asking yourself 'what would you do in this scenario' legit feels like our generation’s existential q," she captioned the clip.

The video has amassed 1.8 million views and over 300,000 likes. Watch below:

Back on Twitter, the replies to Chy's original tweet range from hilarious — such as one user's declaration that "my tubes tied by themselves after reading this" — to snarky, such as another user's response: "You tweeted about it, seems like you definitely want to remember."

Several people have even pointed out the unpredictable evil genius of kids, as one person wrote, "There’s another person in this thread who said that some random kid did this to him, so no one is safe."

In the funniest twist, it turns out OP [original poster] may have manifested this.

People were quick to dig up Chy's TikTok video from April 17, where they said, "If you're someone who doesn't love public humiliation, don't have children."

"This video of you literally called it," one person replied.

Check out more hilarious responses, below:

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