On TikTok, a gay bar in Perth, Australia, revealed some of the most "random" items staff members have found on the dance floor after closing.

"Things we found in the club after close," the clips reads before showing staff getting to work cleaning up the club.

As the viral clip — which has amassed over 5.8 million views — reveals, some of the items found are fairly routine, such as Popsicle wrappers, discarded lollipops, a shattered phone screen and a plethora of half-used lip balms.

Others are downright odd, including a bag of ranch filters for rolling cigarettes, a woman's shirt and a baby doll.

"Oh girl, you're in trouble," the video's narrator says, showing a container of birth control pills found on the ground.

Other peculiar items found include a belt and two coupons for free chicken nuggets. "Nuggets on me," the video's narrator jokes.

Watch below:

The viral video has given viewers a good laugh.

"I remember seeing that baby!!!" one person wrote, while another commented: "It's the nuggets for us."

Others made sure to tell people to "respect" the cleaning crew.

Forgetting personal items during a night out seems to be a common occurrence. Uber's 2022 Lost and Found Index reveals the rideshare's most frequently left behind items.

Phones top the list, which also includes keys, headphones and glasses.

Uber's Lost and Found Index also includes more outrageous items passengers have left behind, such as a pizza costume, a metal leg and even 10 pounds of hamburger meat.

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