Although Critter and I have made our way to the station at least once a day, everyday this week, we have spent the majority of time working from home. 


For anyone who hasn't heard yet, I do not like working from home.  It just is so out of my normal routine, and I don't have all my 'stuff' to get my job done.

At work, I have two computer screens so transferring audio files is a breeze.  From home, not so much.  We are working from laptops and that means a bunch of pinching screens to make them fit on our 'efficient' size screens. Plus, we cannot hear our audio files.  My laptop doesn't even have speakers.  So educated guess it is!

But as valid as those reasons are, there is the more compelling reason of house vs work.  Being home means that I can take a break and start dinner, or the dishwasher, or the laundry, or even watch the most recent Hallmark movie with my laptop in my lap.  Distraction isn't a big enough word!  Then, add to that a husband that go snowed in who is watching TV and scraping snow and generally being lazy when there is so much he could be doing to help out at home. 'I can show you how to load a dishwasher'.


Plus, I may have mentioned that I don't have a home office, so the kitchen table is my desk and those cute dining room chairs have zero padding for the long hours sitting in front of my computer.  I know, first world problems.  At least I had power, internet and water.  No complaints, just facts.  I'm glad to head back to the office on Friday though!

How bout you?  Would you rather work from work, or work from home?

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