They say there are no stupid questions. There are, however, silly and pointless questions that are simply meant to start conversations. Like this survey question that YouGov posed to more than 24,000 adults. "If you were single and dating and if the COVID-19 pandemic were not a concern, how comfortable or uncomfortable would you feel going on a first date with someone on Valentine's Day?"

Hmm. That's an interesting question. You're single, it's Valentine's Day. You could stay home and watch sappy TV shows ... or ... you could take a chance and see if Cupid's arrow is about to strike.

The results were interesting. When you put all of the participants together more than half of them said either Very Comfortable or Somewhat Comfortable with a combined total of 53%. 17% said Somewhat Uncomfortable and 18% said Very Uncomfortable for a total of 35% in the uncomfortable category.

When you break it down by gender things begin to change. 36% of the men said they would be Very Comfortable having a first date on Valentine's Day while only 19% of the women answered that way. The top answer for the women was a tie between Somewhat Comfortable and Very Uncomfortable with 24% each.

Breaking it down by age the 35 to 44-year-olds were the most comfortable with the idea, 31% of them said they'd be Very Comfortable in that situation. The 18 to 24-year-olds only managed 24% being Very Comfortable. With all ages together the top answer was Very Comfortable coming in at 27%, Somewhat Comfortable came in at 26%.

Politically the Republicans seemed much more open to the idea than the Democrats with 35% of the Republicans and only 23% of the Democrats answering Very Comfortable.

So, what would you do? Take a shot on what might be a very pleasant evening or stay home and talk to your pet?

You can see the complete results on YouGov.

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