As an American, you've probably experienced this. You're holding a burger the size of your head, take a bite, and half the toppings fall out the back onto your plate or your lap. 

Here is the good news. It never has to happen again. Science has you covered. A TV show in Japan recently had three experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry figure out how to prevent it from happening. They did a 3D scan of a burger, and over a four month period of time, they had it figured out. What does it come down to? The way you hold it.

As it turns out, if you hold it like the majority of us do, with all of our fingers on top and our thumbs to the bottom, there is not even pressure distributed though the burger. Here is what you need to do. Hold the burger with thumbs and pinky fingers on the bottom. Now the remaining fingers should be across the top of the burger fanned out.

Don't hold the burger too tight. Also you need to warm your mouth up prior to eating with a simple exercise. Open and close your mouth a few times. This will loosen up the muscles in your jaw.

When you go out to lunch today, look at all of the people eating a burger and think how many are eating it incorrectly.