Ever since Simon Cowell made his grand exit from the still popular show American Idol creator Nygel Lithgoe has been searching for a replace for the brutal honesty of the former judge. But is their new selection really qualified?

Last week Charlie Sheen's name was all over the rag mags as a possible replacement for either J-Lo or Steven Tyler. While we all remember Sheen's out of control rants after being canned from the TV show Two and Half Men by its creator Chuck Laurie.

Is Charlie Sheen really qualified to tell your son or daughter that they have the musical talent to be the next great recording sensation? While Sheen did play a musician on TV he does not have near the amount of skins hanging on the wall that past judges [with the exception of J-L0] have. A.I. seems to be straying further and further from its original formula which is to find the next superstar with the help of its viewing audience . Oddly enough, those past viewer picked winners with the exception of Carey Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and few others never went on to the fame they were expecting.

Should American Idol bow out while still on top of the TV ratings mountain?