How long has it been since the Comanche Nation Waterpark was open for business? 2019? 2018? Longer than that? We all know it's at least been a few years, and while all the pools were recently filled thanks to the weather and the usual East Cache Creek flooding, is it fair to call it abandoned at this point?

Now, I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty sure entering an area that's intentionally fenced off is fair game to be labeled trespassing... but all the same, where's the harm if you're not doing any harm anyway? Besides, if you can just slip between a gap in a poorly maintained perimeter fence, are they really trying to keep people out?

Now I've never been to the water park here in Lawton even though I've lived here the last fifteen years, but it is sort of neat to get a look at what all is in there. How it's laid out, what kind of attractions and fun stuff it once offered patrons and such... I'll be honest, it doesn't look half bad. That's not to say it looks real good, there's definitely work to be done there if anyone expects to open it back up one day. While plastics eventually fade, it's easy enough to take a weed-burning torch to them and give them a fresh, glossy makeover.

If you look around the video, you'll see that there seems to be a bunch of equipment out there. Perhaps there is a little restoration work going on, if only to clean up the damage that the creek flooding did to the area. Either way, it was fun to get a look inside after so long. I wonder if these two will do the same thing with the old waterpark out at Medicine Park.

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