Our new pets of this week are Stella and Mickey - who are too cute! Learn more about how you can help us find a home for them.

Mickey is a male cocker spaniel, who is 2-year-old. He is a very loyal dog, who likes long walks and to be with you at all times. Mickey also gets along with other dogs, but it would be best if he plays only with older children. He is current on all his shots. Mickey was drop off at the Humane Society by his previous owners who were moving away and couldn't afford to take him with them. Ever since he has been looking for a new family - now you can be that family! XOXO Mickey.

Stella is a gorgeous Russian blue cat - her color blew us away! She loves to purr and loves to have your attention! Stella is a quiet but friendly cat that likes to be lazy on a beautiful sunny afternoon and even though her previous owners abandoned her, Stella is still loving and kind cat. And she can be your new pet! XOXO Stella.