The census data released from the 1940s recently released by the National Archives and Records Administration had a lot of interesting information, according to people who didn’t immediately fall asleep while trying to read the darn thing.

These people told us some interesting facts about the people who were surveyed by the government way back when. These were the shocking ones that made us turn our heads 360 degrees.

1. When the all-you-can-eat buffet was invented in 1946, Orson Welles applied for his own zip code.

2. They thought Crocs were a dorky shoe, even though they wouldn’t be invented for another 60 years.

3. Most citizens looked forward to a day free of frustration and carefree time because of the invention of a portable phone that could answer and receive calls wherever you go.

4. One citizen spoke without using vowels and when the person taking the census asked why, he said, “Because ain’t no one gonna read this.”

5. Point-zero-five percent of the population thought Mickey Mouse was a dirty commie.

6. Larry King was only 75.

7. A young Ron Paul got his first start in business in 1947 by appearing on television as Howdy Doody.

8. The four food groups were meat, dairy, booze and cigarettes.

9. The sexiest man alive was Walter Brennan.

10. Frank Sinatra once gave up having someone’s legs broken for Lent.