This Spring season challenge yourself to do something different- sign up to a book club, taking a cooking class, or exercise! For example try yoga for beginners! Don’t let words like “downward facing dog” and “crane pose” intimidate you into not going for it. Here are dos and don’ts for yoga beginners!

Do- show up to the class about 10 minutes early. Arriving early will give you time to meet the instructor, stretch, and prepare yourself for contorting your body into positions you never thought possible.

Don’t- eat a couple hours before class. Practicing yoga on a full stomach can cause cramps, vomiting, and nausea.

Do- be quiet and make sure your cell phone is turned off or on silent. While you and a fellow beginner may want to bond over child’s pose, loud conversations can be distracting for other participants, as can a ringing cell phone.

Don’t- push your body beyond what it can handle. Take it slow and do as much as you can each time. The longer you stick with it, the more comfortable you’ll get with the poses.

Do- become familiar with some beginner yoga poses before your first class. This will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Don’t- wear socks or shoes during class.

Don’t- be afraid to ask the instructor for help if you need it.

For more tips check out yoga for beginners! These simple tips will get you started on your journey to mastering the art of yoga.

Lawton offers several yoga classes! Tell us how you liked your first yoga class!