Several football players from both Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma University were draft last week at the 2012 National Football Draft.

Congratulations to Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon who’s going to the Jacksonville Jaguars with the # 5 overall pick in the NFL Draft, followed by Blackmon's QB Brandon Weeden who was the # 22 overall pick by the Cleveland Browns.

Then came the first of many Oklahoma Sooners who were drafted. For example Ryan Broyles was drafted by the Detroit Lions with the # 54 pick, also by the Lions picked up Ronnell Lewis and Travis Lewis. The Lions must love the State of Oklahoma, between OU and OSU the Lions now employ 7 players.


Check Out The LIST


Frank Alexander by the Carolina Panthers

Jamell Fleming by the Arizona Cardinals

James Hanna By the Dallas Cowboys

Donald Stephenson by the Kansas City Chiefs


Markelle Brown by the Tennessee Titans


Which player drafted from the state of Oklahoma  will make the biggest impact in the NFL?