You have reasons to quit smoking.  If you really wanted to map it all out, you could find 2,015 reasons to quit.  2015 could be the year for you.

The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline is in business and is free to any resident in Oklahoma.  If you're ready to quit, they're ready to help.  Here's why it could work for you:

  • 1:1 coaching who will provide non-judgmental support
  • A personalized 'quit' plan based on your habit and your needs
  • A great success rate that is based on what motivates you and focused on getting YOU to a healthier place
  • It's 100% free

Even when most new year's resolutions are broken by February, this is one that is critical to keep.  The good news:  you make the resolution every single day until not smoking becomes the NEW habit.

No one is preaching here.  You've probably heard me or Nancy or other radio personalities talk about quitting.  We've built a kind of support system in our building and it helps keep us all honest.  We don't judge those who still sneak a smoke in the parking garage, we don't blast someone if they slip up, we just support -- and you could have that, too.

If you need to list your 2,015 reasons to quit -- get out the pen and paper. . .then call the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline at 1-800-Quit-Now.  You can also visit them online at