I have this thing about not telling people how I really feel, especially if I think it may hurt their feelings. When I do choose to open up, most of the time I am misconstrued as being super judgmental and not really having anything that would be considered “positive” (in the traditional sense of the word) to say to people. That is, other than what I consider to be constructive criticism.

'This is what you need to do to grow your brand. This is what you need to do get your man. This is what you need to do to be a better friend...parent…lover…person, etc.'  This, more often than not, ends in disaster because it’s usually taken as an insult by the person I am constructively critiquing. It’s all done with love & adoration, and yet, it still somehow causes relationship issues for me. I never felt like I was intentionally hurting anybody with what I was saying. Honestly... I felt like they was just being soft. “I’m not trying to hurt you…I’m just trying to help you & make you better!” #Gaslighting

All this critiquing I was doing was taking up a considerable amount of my #BrandBuilding time. Especially when half the time these fools don't bother listening anyway. Then one day, more specifically like, yesterday, I just woke up and realized, “Girl! Whyyyyyyyyy TF are you so concerned with the state of other people’s business when you got your own sh*t to be concerned about?” One of my many personalities tends to be really cruel when calling me out on my own insecurities. Ummmm, biiiiih… Whyyyyyyy. Are. YOU worried about what they look like when you 50lbs overweight??? How can YOU give love life advice when you don’t have a man ya damn self??? You don't even got any friends! Nor lovers! #ReflectYourself #Checkmate

It was like reality went-all ‘oops, upside my head,’ revealing this epiphany which may be common sense to some, but obviously an enigma to many more…including myself. Mind your own damn business, literally; be honest about your flaws & focus on fixing what you can and loving what you can’t about yourself. My motto for 2018? I'm doing moi! Increasing my tax bracket. Carefully selecting my squad. Supporting my causes. Bettering my health. Building my brand. And caring only for people, places & things deserving of my love and attention. Everything else? IDGAF… or more like IDGAFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!

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