Let's face it, we've all stuck some of these things in the microwave, but really, we are not supposed too. Some are food items and others are materials and container types you should never have stuck in there in the first place.

Here are 5 things that you should never stick in a microwave:

  • 1

    Hot Peppers

    Cook these long enough and they have the potential the explode when you open the mircowave door. The last thing anybody wants is hot pepper juice in their eyes

  • 2

    Plastic Containers

    Unless the containers specifically state they are microwaveable, don't put them in there with your leftovers. Plastic containers release chemicals that dangerous to the body and can be leaked in your food.

    Getty Images/Richard Drury
  • 3

    Paper and Plastic Bags

    You know that lunch sack of yours. Don't stick it in the microwave for it has the potential to emit toxic fumes and light on fire. Hopefully you like your lunch deadly and extra crispy!

  • 4

    Cell Phones

    There's a popular myth online that if you put a cell phone in the mircowave, it will charge your battery and according the internet it's actually better for your phone to charge it that way.

    Oh internet, you may have vast knowledge on many subjects, but you also lie. You see putting your cell phone in the microwave will not charge it, it will set it on fire thus destroying your phone.

    So need a quick charge? Just plug it in the charger, don't throw it in the mircowave.

  • 5


    Without giving something for the microwaves to focus on, it will begin cooking the device itself, turning it into a ticking time bomb.