There's a magic pill out there that can stop you from instantly getting ENRAGED and threatening to murder every driver who cuts you off, every telemarketer who calls your house, and every dog who looks at you funny.

And . . . it's aspirin.  Plain, boring aspirin.

Here's how.  People who have recurring, uncontrollable outbursts of rage may have a condition called intermittent explosive disorder.

A new study out of the University of Chicago and University of Colorado linked that disorder to inflammation in the body.  So if you take an anti-inflammatory drug . . . like aspirin . . . it can actually de-flame your rage too.

As for whether you have intermittent explosive disorder or you're just an a-hole . . . that we don't know.  The researchers say they've found roughly one in three people with rage issues have the disorder.

Tomorrow Morning, I'm taking my Aspirin, just for good measure!