Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us. With travels to see family and friends, big overfilling meals, reflections of a time long gone, unexplained warm-heartedness, large flaming fireplace scenes, and hot chocolate with that significant other snuggled on the couch you would think one would be excited as well as anxious.

My wife scolds me on spending too much and being too generous with money/donations.  Every year around the second week of November a strange and Grinchistic Metamorphosis occurs about this time every year. I literally turn into a JW form of the Grinch.

The Holidays are supposed to be a time of thankfulness, and Christmas meaning, or that's how I was raised to believe.  Unfortunately, with all of the marketing and materialistic 'hustle' I have totally lost all interest in the season.  Just seeing Christmas lights tend to just put me in a disappointed, slightly bah-humbug mood.
This bothers me because I remember how excited I used to be during this time of the year. I am hoping that this year I can turn around this mundane pit that I have fallen in and enjoy this special time of year.

I pledge to commit to a positive, non-materialistic, family oriented, and faith filled holiday season that reflects what deep in my soul I know is the truth.....The Grace, Charity, Love, Kindness, Goodwill to my fellowman, and Sacrifice of a risen Savior is all I need to have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Merry CHRISTmas!