Whether the extended family has outgrown Grandma and Grandpa's, or your family is looking for something new in a holiday tradition, here are some great places to spend the holidays.

Whether you want to get as far from the hustle and bustle of the city or introduce your connected kids to the bounty of nature, there is no shortage of amazing Oklahoma places to spend Christmas.

Oklahoma's Best Family Christmas Getaways

If your family is like my family, by the time you start a family of your own, the family home grows smaller as time passes. You and the siblings start having kids, Grandma and Grandpa stress about needing more space to fit everyone, and the obvious answer is to book a stay away for the holidays.

I don't know if you know this or not, but Oklahoma is primed for holiday travel. Whether you're from the Sooner State, or you're one of the thousands of Texans that flood in for the holiday, here are the best places in the state to have your family Christmas getaway.

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10 Oklahoma Hallmark holiday hometowns you can visit

Looking for someplace special to spend the holidays? The Sooner State has you covered with some of the best towns and cities to get into the Christmas spirit. If you've ever wanted to visit a place that feels like it came out of a Hallmark movie you're in luck. Check out these ten Oklahoma Hallmark holiday hometowns to experience the small-town charm and friendliness of some of Oklahoma's best-known holiday destinations. Each has its own unique traditions and holiday events that will surely get you into the spirit of the season. From amazing lights and displays to performances and festive family fun you'll find in the Sooner State.

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Oklahoma's Best Gas Station Chains

Depending on where you are in Oklahoma, there are gas station chains specific to that area. For the most part, they all have their own niche and stay to their respective boundaries. Some are better than others, some are absolutely loathed. The question remains, as we wait on Buc-ees to make an entrance to the Oklahoma travel center landscape, can any of these brands hold a candle to the Texas giant?

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Oklahoma's Most Iconic Foods

While Oklahoma isn't often thought of as a culinary destination, it'll surprise you how many iconic dishes either came from or were perfected in this state.

Some of these dishes are wild, others are rare, and we finally settle the debate on what does and doesn't belong in chili.

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