When visiting Oklahoma, it's hard not to notice where our pride really shows. Rodeos, heritage, sports and our military. Throughout the state, there are 6 different military bases - Army, Air Force and Coast Guard, with a marine detachment, as well. With each branch and their training comes some strange sounds that Oklahoman's think nothing of, but they may catch a newbie off guard the first few times.

Sounds of Thunder - Fort Sill and McAlester


Training never stops for the military. When deployed, attacks and missions occur at any hour, any time - why would training for these real-life scenarios be any different? When visiting near the Fort Sill Army base in Lawton, you'll often hear booms or feel the house shake from an impact from miles and miles and miles away. Don't fret - these are all normal goings-on when living next to an Army base. Get acquainted with the sounds and shakes, as they'll happen any time of day or night.

Near McAlester, gunfire is just as common as hearing birds in wildlife. Unlike in major cities, hearing gunshots from miles away is something worth celebrating, not something to call local law enforcement over.

Cutting Aircraft Close - Air Force Bases


Tinker, Altus and Vance Air Force bases host a mirage of some of the largest, loudest airplanes that exist. Although the first sight of a low-flying airplane might concern you at first, take a moment just to watch the beauty of America's finest military do what they do best.

While the severe weather has posed a major risk here in Oklahoma this week, the Altus Air Force base relocated its precious cargo (a.k.a. the giant military-grade planes) to Sacramento's McClellan Air Force Base in order to keep them safe from the storms. Even in California, they recognize the low-flying planes and their powerful engines sending the "sounds of freedom" through Sacramento's skies once again.

Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Detachment

Some of our supporters shared with us the normal sounds of training that come with living near bases of the other branches of military. Some sounds would surprise you.

"So having spent the majority of my life in the Corps or working for it, cuss words. Lots and lots of cuss words. LOL."

-Eric Wilson


"I was in the Navy and my SO was Marine corps. Lots of jets (the Navy has more air craft than the Airforce) marines have artillery as well. And they have these loud ass planes called Ospreys."

-Danielle Pappas

The comments are hilariously accurate - just take a look for yourself:

Want to add your two cents? Message us on the app and tell us what sounds of freedom you think visitors should be aware of ahead of time.

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