During one of the most active times of year, Oklahoma has seen two dozen tornados within the last 24 hours. In Sulphur, Oklahoma, the break of dawn is only going to reveal a tragic scene of destruction left behind by 3 different tornados.

According to CNN.com, "Sulphur saw injuries and impacts from what appears to be at least two large tornadoes overnight as a flood warning was issued for the city, according to the weather service."

While one rain-wrapped tornado ripped through the town and trapped several families in debris, demolished buildings and homes and leveled the town, officials warned that the damage was not yet done. As people rushed to help those in immediate need, they were also warned to prepare for the next tornado expected to follow closely behind.

Canva/Connor Dakour Facebook
Canva/Connor Dakour Facebook

After the three tornados passed through, there was hardly anything left standing with wreckage strewn all around what used to be the relatively large town.

Tornado watches have continued through the night and authorities have requested only official rescue personnel arrive in the early morning hours. When the sun comes up, the damage will be easier to assess and plans can be made after then. However, some of the town's people have welcomed volunteer help with open arms. As of right now, only certified rescue personnel are requested in order to prevent congestion and better assist emergency cases.

Canva/Murray County Sheriff's Office Facebook
Canva/Murray County Sheriff's Office Facebook

In order to volunteer to help clean up or provide donations, here are a few resources to find out how:

Donate to Oklahoma's Tornado Relief Fund with the Red Cross

Contact Local Authorities to Volunteer For Clean Up

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