Although many don't know it, the annual Hughes, Oklahoma Pickle Festival is more than just about pickles. The festival is actually blended with travel shopping trail throughout other towns like Allen, Holdenville and Wetumka.

Canva/August 17 Pickle Fes Facebook
Canva/August 17 Pickle Fes Facebook

Drive through the towns included on the map for this year's Pickle Fest, happening August 17, and support other local businesses - and yes, there are more than just pickle venders. Businesses such as T-Jays, Sister Act III, Beautiful and Bronze and many more sell food, offer services, and much more. There will also be live music and pickle themed activities and treats that visitors can take with them along the trail.

Canva/aquarius_gabbieee Tik Tok
Canva/aquarius_gabbieee Tik Tok
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The festival is held in honor of what used to be the Calvin Pickle Company, which used to serve "as a curing station for cucumber pickle processors in Alabama and Texas," according to Now, however, the company no longer runs, but the tradition continues for Hughes County.

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There are nine shops participating in the festival fun on Saturday, August 17:

Canva/Pickle Fest Facebook
Canva/Pickle Fest Facebook

Okie Trading Post, Wetumka (9am to 5pm)
Lambert's Farm & Ranch, Holdenville (8am to noon)
Sister Act III, Holdenville (10am to 2pm)
RebelAnn's Creations, Holdenville (8am to noon)
Beautiful & Bronze, Holdenville
Durbinshire Farm, Atwood (10am to 3pm)
T-Jay's Diner, Calvin (11am to 5pm)
Granny's Garden, Calvin (8am to 2pm)
Rocky Top Winery, Allen (12pm - 6pm)

Compared to the largest Pickle Festival being held in Phildelphia this year, Oklahoma still makes the map for those traveling from out of state.

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