After the storm wades, a rainbow usually appears. Whilst communities are still reeling from the damage caused by this weekend's weather, beautiful things have kickstarted the rebuilding process for affected areas, such as Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Below are several organizations that have been keeping the Sulphur community going since the initial tornados. There are also a few other organizations with programs for communities around the state that others can donate to.

The Ya'll Squad

When I initially searched for "different ways to donate to Sulphur" on April 27, The Ya'll Squad was the first organization to pop up in the results. However, due to how new they were to me, I disregarded their efforts at first; admittedly, I was worried that it was a scam.

After taking a closer look at their live feeds from the day of the incident, and their recent weather reports about more upcoming severe weather, I realized that this group was just as authentic as the Red Cross.

As of April 29, The Ya'll Squad had raised nearly $150,000 to donate to families and businesses in areas affected by the recent tornados, including Sulphur, Oklahoma. Ryan Hall, one of the Ya'll Squad representatives, mentioned that Ya'll Squad member Chris Hall and his team will be in Oklahoma "doing a big supply drop down there, fcooking food and helping people out, handing out free meals for multiple days to emergency responders and obviously people in the area that need it."

They are still taking donations, as they aim to assist as many areas in the United States as they possibly can. To donate, reach out here.

Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs

After just a day, the Department of Veteran Affairs opened an opportunity for veterans affected in Oklahoma to receive grant funding for their recovery process.

Canva/Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs Facebook
Canva/Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs Facebook

If you are looking to apply for the grant, click here.

Crossway Church of Sulphur

This church has been feeding people, hosting opportunities for mental health assistance, providing clean up supplies and free clean up resources and so much more since the initial impact. They have recently partnered with BancFirst of Oklahoma, which donated $250,000 to the relief fund for Sulphur.

BANA Roofing and Solar

Not only have they been helping those in Sulphur, but they've also been taking on tasks in Ardmore and Ada, Oklahoma, as well. They've not stopped trying to help those in need since they saw the destruction for themselves.

Although they are still mainly asking for donations, crews have officially started the clean-up process of debris and buildings. Officials have still requested that visitors wanting to help need to reach out before arriving, to know that things are safe and they have a need to be fulfilled at that time.

If you know of a business, individual or organization that should be highlighted for their efforts, message us on the app so in order for us to give them their due credit.

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