By: Robert King

Last Friday I went to OKC because my brother Evan proposed to his girlfriend Nicole. I was the one who was tasked with the job of filming it.

So my brother schemes up this giant lie in order to propose. I think that they were supposed to be headed to a kid’s birthday party. The kid’s mom was supposed to call and say that the kids are vomiting, so that the party is cancelled. (That was a lie.)

The entire point of getting Nicole out of her parents house was to give me and my parents time to get there.

After the “party” was cancelled, they went to a store to pick up some items and headed back to her parent’s house.

Once her mother recieved the warning call that they were approaching, it was time for me to hide in the garage so that I could tape the actual proposal.

I was told it was going to occur in the driveway, so I laid on the ground behind Nicole’s car. I guess Evan wanted me behind the fridge further in the garage, but the angle would be weird, especially with her car in the shot.

If the newly engaged couple approve of the video being posted online, I will link it here.


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