An Oregon woman scammed the IRS to receive $2.1 million refund - and you won't believe how she did it!

Word to the wise, if you try to trick the system, it will come back to bite you - Krystle Reyes knows this all too well.

By using the tax preparation software – TurboTax – she claimed she earned $3 million last year and was entitled to a $2.1 million refund.  Guess what? They gave it to her! She thought she had gotten away with it until she reported her card missing to the authorities – but she had already spent $150,000! One would think that this would throw up red flags to officials after her claim was submitted – nope!

Due to the size of the refund, her electronic claim was examined by several people within the Oregon Revenue Department.  Crazy enough, they approved the payout and Reyes was sent a visa card by the tax preparation computer program containing a balance of $2.1 million – shut the front door!

It gets better - after receiving her refund, she then went on a shopping spree and bought an used mini-van! Unreal, right? I would have gone for a Bentley. But then maybe that would have been too obvious and thrown up red flags? At this point, what would it take for the Oregon Treasury to actually take notice – an island in the Caribbean next to Kenny Chesney’s?

This story sounds like an episode of I almost got away with it and I would definitely tune in to watch. What would you do with a $2.1 million tax refund? Would you feel guilty for cheating the system like that?