If you talk to someone who grew up in the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s or ’70s, there would be no doubt that baseball would be their favorite sports, but is it still true today?With so many sporting options these days, baseball has kind of been lost among today’s youth. Soccer and lacrosse have grown in popularity, and many people are pursuing those alternatives over traditional sports. As a matter of fact, the football has topped baseball the past few years as America’s favorite sport.

Since the strike ended the 1994 season, the love of professional baseball has never been the same. Despite Major League Baseball trying to get people back to the ballpark, some teams are still struggling to fill seats. Some say the game moves too slowly, while others use the excuse that the game simply doesn’t work in certain areas. Those answers may be the case, but the simple answer is that America is losing interest in its traditional national pastime.