Ace Frehley has ripped his former Kiss bandmate Gene Simmons for alienating "just about everybody on the planet" with his recent comments on depression, suicide, alcoholism and poor people.

Speaking to Artisan News Service while promoting his new album 'Space Invader,' Frehley took Simmons to task for his recent comments on immigration, poverty and, most notably, the "f--- you, then kill yourself" statement about depression that earned him a sharp rebuke from Nikki Sixx and others. (Simmons has since apologized twice for those statements.)

"First he attacks immigrants, and then he belittles poor people by saying 'be nice to the rich people because we're the ones that give you jobs,'" Frehley marvels. "Then he attacks people with depression, alcoholics, drug addicts, you know?... Depression is a very serious disease. I've suffered from it in my lifetime, I know my daughter suffers from it ... and Gene just seems to be ignorant of the whole fact. I think it's time for Gene to go back to school and get educated in the health field."

The guitarist, who proudly reports that he's a few weeks short of celebrating his eighth year of sobriety, is clearly hurt by Simmons and founding Kiss frontman Paul Stanley's handling of his well-documented substance-abuse issues. "Paul and Gene still refer to me as a drunk and a drug addict. And it's unfortunate because it's really hitting below the belt."

After noting that also he's still upset about Stanley recently suggesting Frehley engaged in anti-Semitic behavior, Ace shows he can fight dirty too, accusing Simmons of harboring homophobic views: "The only thing left for him to do is attack the whole gay movement. And I've heard him do that in private, so that's probably still yet to come."

Interestingly, despite all this venom, Frehley recently stated that he was considering inviting Simmons to guest on his next album, a covers and remixes project tentatively slated for 2015.

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