The first trailer for indie horror flick 'Afflicted' has arrived, and before you dismiss this new found-footage-style film as yet another gimmick, you should give the trailer a chance. The film, which played at Fantastic Fest 2013 in Austin last year, was praised for its unique spin on the genre, with many critics comparing it to Josh Trank's 'Chronicle,' but with a surprise twist of its own.

'Afflicted' comes from the writer-director team of Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, who also star in the film as two best friends who take a vacation of a lifetime (they all start that way in horror films, don't they?), only for things to take a horrific turn for the worse when they become stricken with a mysterious illness after an encounter with a mysterious woman. You wanna know what their illness is? ... SPOILER AHEAD ... it's vampirism.

Using a found-footage concept that's closer in style to 'Chronicle' than 'Paranormal Activity' and its rip-offs, 'Afflicted' dials up the special effects wow factor on a low budget, making this an impressive feature-length debut from two filmmakers we should definitely keep an eye on.

'Afflicted' earned a lot of praise on the fest circuit, so we're pretty excited to see it getting an official release. The film will hit theaters and iTunes on April 4.