Long story short, Texan/NewMexico icon Allsup's just built two new convenience stores in Altus, Oklahoma. Allsup's has long been referred to in Texan pop culture as the "West Texas Buc-ee's" since they mostly exist along the rural highways in the Lone Star State, but the brand is now officially expanding into Oklahoma.

The new Altus stores aren't the first, just the most recent. Frederick, OK has had an Allsup's for longer than I've lived in SWOK. Two locations have been built in Guymon - AKA - the Oklahoma Panhandle... and Ringling briefly had a location too, but it has since closed.

Is it a trend?

Since I travel through Altus quite frequently I'm pretty excited to know I can pop in for one of those legendary burritos, but I'm also curious if Allsup's is looking to expand across Oklahoma. So I reached out to Allsup's parent company, Yesway,  and asked that question.

Tom Brown, Yesway's Director of Real Estate Acquisitions is the person Allsup's directed me to. I asked if the new Altus stores were stand-alone occurrences or if Oklahoma was in the plan for expansion.

We are currently planning on building additional stores in rural communities in southern Oklahoma.

When asked about what Allsup's looks for in a location, rural Oklahoma seems perfect for the C-store conglomerate.

Our c-store portfolio is rural in nature and focused on small towns and communities adjacent to or through which rural highways pass. Our merchandising is somewhat unique in that we offer not only the typical c-store assortment of merchandise, but we also carry a wide variety of grocery-related items.  This is done by design because in many of the rural communities that we serve, the closest grocery store maybe 15-20 miles away.  


In speaking with my own friends in Altus, the reception of two new Allsup's has been pretty popular. Of course, people love those magical burritos and the Allsup's-branded snack items, but more importantly, it's all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even on the high holidays, a major boost in the type of small rural communities that regularly close businesses for high school sports.

The next time you find yourself in Altus, try the local food. Fred's Steakhouse is awesome. Araceli's brunch is next to none. The Plaza is some of the best chain Mexican food you'll find. YuYu Chinese is fantastic, and Allsup's burritos are stupid-amazing.

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