Just a short drive from Lawton, Fort Sill in Freedom, OK. you'll find ancient caves you can tour, hike and explore at Alabaster Caverns State Park. It's about 185 miles North of us, around 3 hours or so away from town. I'm thinking the family and I will add it to the list of our Summer stay-cation places we'd like to visit.

We made the decision awhile back that we'd stay in state this Summer and find places we've never been to before and make plans to visit. There's a lot of places in Oklahoma we've never seen and plenty of great mini-vacation locations and things to do as a family. Most of them we can get to and back in a single day.

The Alabaster Caverns State Park is home to the largest alabaster gypsum caverns in the world and it's right here in Oklahoma! They offer guided tours and have great camping and vacation rentals so you could make a weekend of it. Daily guided tours of the caverns are available from 9:00am until 4:00pm.

You can also make a reservation by visiting their official site. It's recommended that you do, especially if you're wanting to do a group tour of the caverns. They allow up to 40 people at a time for the tours.

While most people think Oklahoma is a flat prairie, nothing could be further from the truth. The state has one of the most diverse land types and ecosystems in the Nation. From mountains, prairies, salt plans, forests, swamps to caverns. The Sooner State really has it all. I'm looking forward to making a trip to Freedom, OK. and taking a tour at the Alabaster Caverns State Park this Summer.

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