If you haven't kept up with the news, Apple is screwed.

Their newest premium smartwatch has a load of fantastic technology to help monitor the wearer's health, but in designing such a device, Apple allegedly stole patents from another company to make it.

A court is issuing a ban on the product being sold.


Here's the biggest problem... While Apple has been scrambling to push forward a software update to avoid this ban, industry experts all agree it won't be enough. It's not the software that Apple allegedly stole, it's physical hardware.

One of the selling points of the Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches is how they can monitor blood oxygen levels in a wearer. They do this by shooting light into the skin from a specially designed sensor.

The technology for that sensor is owned by a different company.

Two solutions.

Apple has been given a choice to make. They can either recall and remove the stolen tech from each individual device, or they must remove them all from the market across the United States.

Apple says removing the hardware from each device would take months to complete since it involves changes all the way up their supply chain, so the courts have accepted the alternative to remove them from store shelves starting tomorrow. (December 21st, 2023)

If you already have one of these for yourself or wrapped up under the tree as a gift, there's no indication there will be any problems with their normal operations, yet... but there won't be a clear indication of the future of previously-sold Series 9 and Ultra 2 devices until the courts have a chance to hear Apple in a later case.

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