As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, love is in the air for many people.  But let’s face facts, for many others, love is around the corner ready to mug them and leave them curled up in the fetal position crying.  A holiday centered around love can be a harsh and sad reminder for those who feel they are lacking in the romance department.  Luckily, there is someone who is offering up a new take on love advice, and despite his name, his advice easily pertains to everyone.

“Dr. Nerdlove” is the love advice alter ego of one Harris O’Malley from Austin, TX.  O’Malley got his start on the popular Austin-based podcast “The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen” (LEOG) from  After the Valentine’s 2011 podcast of the LEOG, O’Malley decided to take the next step for Dr. Nerdlove and began his own website, Paging Dr. Nerdlove.  As his name would suggest, O’Malley himself is a nerd, geek, etc., and his love advice and columns center on issues that your average “nerd” might find to be a problem when looking for love.  O’Malley has covered topics like “The Problem with Nice Guys” and “The Appeal of Bad Boys”, but he’s also lent his opinion to social issues such as “Nerds and Male Privilege”, breaking down the problem with gender roles in video games.  It was the “Nerds and Male Privilege” article that went viral and started garnering O’Malley more attention, and quickly people realized that you didn’t need to be a nerd to find O’Malley’s advice applicable to your own life.

While those who do not frequent comic book conventions may not find use with an article talking about “Fake Geek Girls”, a quick look at the Categories section of Dr. Nerdlove’s website shows many topics that everyone from the captain of the chess club to the captain of the football team can relate to.  The Doctor covers topics like Communication, Break Ups, Fashion, Flirting, Online Dating, Movies, Being a Better Person, Sexuality, The Friend Zone, etc.  Want to break out of the friend zone?  Then listen to Dr. Nerdlove.  By his own admission, O’Malley was successful in marrying his way out of the friend zone, marrying his wife and best friend Catherine in 2012.  In a recent interview, O’Malley spoke about marrying out of the friend zone,

“It’s like having a best friend over for a sleepover that just never ends.”

With his rise in exposure and popularity, O'Malley has been featured on other love advice podcasts, started his own podcasts, and started his own video blog. (Video contains some NSFW language).

The beauty of Dr. Nerdlove’s advice is that he’s not teaching you how to trick people into liking you.  His advice is how to make you what you need to be to get the guy or girl of your dreams.  You may have to take an honest look at yourself and admit to some things that need changing, but O’Malley’s advice will help you make the changes you need to not only be a more appealing person to others, but being a more confident and able person in general.

If you want to see how Dr. Nerdlove could help you, you can check out his articles and submit questions of your own on his website, and you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.