On Friday evening, April 6, 2012, Tulsa police department was dispatched to a murder scene- where three dead bodies and two more critically injured people were found. Soon after, two suspect shooters were arrested. Jake England and Alvin Watts, were questioned by the police and formally changed with three counts of murder and with two counts aggravate assault with a deadly weapon. Their bail is set to $9.1 million!

Details of the chilling crime continue to emerge. It appears that England, 19-year-old targeted a group of African- American people, as a pay back of his father’s murder two years earlier. The people killed by England and Watts weren’t associated to the prior murder!

Egland’s Facebook also tells a story of a young man who was deeply troubles and depressed, blaming African- Americans for his dad’s tragic ending. He posted on his wall, explicit messages, ranting racially. Due to the nature of the words we are not able to share them with you!

England’s fiancé and the mother of their infant son appeared to have committed suicide earlier in the year, which might of being another trigger.

As far as Watts, who is 32 year old, and was rumored to be England’s roommate at the time, police is not sure to what extant Watts was involved in the crime.

Judge has set bail at $9.1 million- but the police say it’s too soon to charge the two with a hate crime!

England and Watts will be back in court on April 16, 2012.

Do you think they should be charged with a hate crime?