For those of us who must annoyingly insist on a silver lining to every issue, there have been two that I have found recently relating to our drought situation.

The first is the crime rate in Lawton.  The second are the extremely low pollen counts that leave my family allergy-free.

Of course, I type this when the weather has temporarily turned cool with rain in the forecast for days on end.  Maybe that is why I feel safe writing about the hot weather, knowing it will not smack me in the face in anger when I walk outside.

Crime Rate in Lawton

There is no real proof that this is heat-related, but it does seem odd that during this period of extreme heat, we have seen a reduction in crime in Lawton.  Usually, when the temperature rises, so does the crime rate.  In fact, ask anyone employed by the police or anyone working in a local emergency room and they will tell you that as the temps go up, the instances of violent crimes and such matches it degree by degree.

This year, though, we seem to have hit critical mass when it comes to the ratio of crime to weather.  In July, when the temperatures were at their worst and there was no escaping the violence of the heat, the number of violent crimes reported was about 19% lower than 2010.

Allergies Killed By The Heat

Have you noticed your nose lately?  If you are a summer allergy sufferer, the heat has probably been kind to you.  Just look around at the brown grass, lack of flowers or blooming ANYTHING.  Those things that produce pollen that then attacks your nasal passages and makes you miserable:  gone because of the heat.

Of course, this is only a good thing as far as YOUR (and my 10-year-old's) allergies are concerned.

Proof Of Silver Linings

All of this means that, if you look REALLY hard, you can find a silver lining in almost any bad situation.  I found two.  How many can YOU find?