Caution During Heat Wave
Summer weather is taking its hold of Oklahoma this week and the American Red Cross of Central and Western Oklahoma urges residents to take precautions while outside. This is especially important as many areas in Oklahoma are recovering and cleaning up after tornadoes and flooding.
Easy Ways to Stay Cool During This Heat Wave
Oklahoma is entering the hottest part of the summer with no relief in site in the near future. Staying cool during these sweltering days can be a challenge. There are a number of things you can do to stay cool in the summer without using air conditioning, or at least without using it too much. Ch…
Benefits Of A Drought
For those of us who must annoyingly insist on a silver lining to every issue, there have been two that I have found recently relating to our drought situation.
Texas Won: Hottest State
Some records don't need to be broken.  Texas and Oklahoma were fighting it out for the hottest state on record for any 3-month period.