Bob Barker has for generations told viewers at the end of his game show 'The Price Is Right' to spay or neuter your pets. So it is no surprise that Bob is a big animal activist.  He cares for all kinds of pets big and small. And recently on the big side, Bob did a magnificent thing.

You see, there were some elephants in Canada that needed to be moved to a different and warmer location. The city council in Toronto voted some time back to release the pachyderms to their new home. It took some two years, but they finally are in their new digs. 2000 acres to be exact near San Andreas.

They join several other elephants in the sanctuary. Bob says he'll spend all his money on every cause that is close to his heart. Animals are on the top of that list. They'll live a good life to the end thanks to the generosity of Bob Barker.