A week after announcing that he would begin offering fans the opportunity to download concerts from his upcoming 'High Hopes' tour, Bruce Springsteen has made a significant addition to the plan. The new model both reduces the price and does away with its most confusing aspect, the USB wristband.

The original plan involved purchasing a USB bracelet for $40, either online or at a concert. Plugging the wristband into your computer activates a download manager that takes you to Music One Live's website, where one show could be downloaded as an MP3. Fans who had been waiting for Springsteen to do this for years voiced their displeasure across the Internet at both the pricing model and the outdated process.

Yesterday, Backstreets revealed that, in addition to the wristbands, the concerts will be available as direct downloads, with $9.99 for MP3s at 320 kpbs or $14.99 in the lossless FLAC format. The new price point is more in line with what bands like Phish and Pearl Jam have been doing for years.

A day after the plan was announced, Backstreets cited a source who said that the original plan was aimed at fans who would likely attend only one show, and hinted that a change was coming soon. Backstreets also took a greater look at the scheme, saying that "whoever developed the idea had the concert merchandise table in mind. Selling someone a card with a download code on it alongside a T-shirt . . . lacks a sense of implicit value in what you’re buying. The wristband has a practical appeal too when sold at a show, in that it won't be easily lost if you wear it."

In other Springsteen news, the rock legend just unveiled the latest video from his No. 1 album 'High Hopes': 'Just Like Fire Would,' a cover of a song originally written and performed by the Australian punk band the Saints. You can watch it above.