Bruce Springsteen was the guest of honor during modern-rock act Gaslight Anthem’s concert in Asbury Park, N.J., on Friday (Dec. 9). Springsteen joined the band mid-set to sing and play guitar on ‘American Slang,’ according to a report by Rolling Stone.

Springsteen is obviously a fan of the band that hails from New Brunswick, N.J., because this isn’t the first time he’s joined them onstage. Springsteen played ‘The 59 Sound’ with the band on two other occasions, both while in England in 2009.

“You didn’t forget where we came from, right?” frontman Brian Fallon asks the Asbury Park audience in a video posted of the performance, and his comment receives a thundering applause. “Check this out,” he continues, just before Springsteen walks out, grabs his guitar and gives the crowd one of his signature hand gestures.

As usual, Springsteen seems to ignite the room and it’s quite obvious that his energy is contagious as the band play a rousing version of the song. The vocals of the musicians onstage are barely audible in this video due to the unified voices of the crowd singing along, but that’s half the beauty of this story. Unified by music, from one generation to the next.

Watch Bruce Springsteen peform with Gaslight Anthem: