Earlier today, just past midnight in Korea, where it was already December 4th, BTS member Jin celebrated the start of his 26th birthday with a special gift to fans.

While birthdays are usually filled with the people we love sending us well wishes and gifts, Jin is using his special day to turn it around and thank the fans, the ARMY. In a handwritten letter, tweeted by the official BTS Twitter account, Jin thanks fans for their support and an incredible past year of success with BTS.

Jin also mentions in the letter the group's recent big wins at Korea's Melon Music Awards (which fans voted on), and acknowledges excited fans celebrating his birthday on social media and at get-togethers in real life.

Below, read a full English translation of Jin's letter, via AllKpop:

Hello everyone, this is Jin.

Clap clap clap, today is my birthday. I'm so happy to greet my birthday. I'm happy because it's my birthday and I'm even happier because ARMYs are also enjoying it on Twitter and doing fun activities together at cafes and more. ARMYs' happiness is my biggest happiness.

And just recently, we won 'Daesang' and 'Popularity Award'! I'm so happy with the 'Daesang' but I'm so so happy about the 'Popularity Award' that resulted from the hard work of our ARMYs. Thank you so so much ARMY!

Oh... and each year, I prepared something fun for you guys but I wasn't able to do much this year so that's unfortunate TT I'll work harder to always show great side of me and present good content. I love you.

At the bottom of the letter, Jin added an English note to his international fans:

Sorry to my international ARMY that I am not god at English, but I love you.


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