More and more businesses around the nation are banning families with small children, causing public outrage. But majority of people actually support the new trend. Who’s got it right?

A local upscale restaurant and golf center in Pittsburg, PA, banned children under the age of 6 from their restaurant in 2011. The owner, Mike Vuick, said that he’s doing it because “customers have complained that children have been causing a ruckus”. He thinks that the blame may be due to many parents not taking control of their children when it happens, “there’s nothing wrong with babies, but the fact is you can’t control their volume.”

One incidence doesn’t mean it’s a total trend, but these days there seem to be a growing impatience or evident irritation with young children. Some of it could be based on the fact that there are fewer well behaved children and more who wreak havoc in public places.

It doesn’t stop with restaurants. Whole Foods in Missouri has taken this into consideration and offered child-free shopping hours, while Malaysia Airlines has announced a ban on babies in their first-class cabins – other airlines are expected to follow suite. Some theaters have also taken family movie time and allowed for adult-only viewing of certain family films to allow a quiet, enjoyable atmosphere.

Personally, I enjoy those moments of silence on an airplane without a child kicking the back of my seat or screaming at the top of their lungs for no reason. I also enjoy being able to go to a nice restaurant and not have to hear a baby crying nearby. I was raised that if you are in public you have manners or you won’t be allowed to go. If parents would take a little more initiative and quiet their children instead of just laughing it off, I think children could participate in adult activities without such an annoyance associated with their presence.

I wish more restaurants and establishments would make rules regarding children. Is it the child’s fault, or the parents for lack of discipline/teaching?  Do you think more restaurants should implement these policies?