WARNING: The following video contains cuteness in very concentrated high levels that may cause serious side effects including: laughing, smiling and a general feeling of happiness. Hit play at your own discretion, you have been warned! A Tulsa police officer is caught on video pulling over his neighbor's kid. From what we're seeing in this video she's way too young to be behind the wheel and worse, has been speeding around the neighborhood in her light blue Power Wheels sports car. The officer had no choice but to pull her over ending this toddler's speed demon ways, at least temporarily. Mom and dad caught it all on video! 

It's great to see videos like this one. Seeing cops and kids interact positively and with a bit of humor. The little girl's parents were out for a walk while watching her drive around the neighborhood in her Power Wheels car. They passed by the officer's house right when he was pulling in and jokingly said "You should have pulled her over." So being the good cop he is, he got back in his patrol car and pulled her over as mom and dad videoed the action. Her reaction is priceless. She pulls over and waits for him to approach, then he starts asking her questions like: "Do you know how fast you were going?" and "Do you have proof of insurance?"  The 3 year old answers all the questions and even managed to get off with just a warning!

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