Oklahoma Minister Gets Thrashed for Allegedly Touching a Kid
A father caught a child predator touching his 9-year-old son and wasted no time thrashing him for it. He chased, tackled and may, or may not have thrown a few punches when apprehending the bad guy. Good for him! He's certainly earned that "World's Greatest Dad" coffee cup or t-shirt.
Self Defense Lessons Learned from the Arvada, CO. Shooting
Last Monday (06-21-21) in Arvada, Colorado a tragedy took place. There was a murder, more like execution, of a police officer by a complete psycho hell bent on murdering as many cops as he could, along with anyone else who happened to be in the area. The shooting took place in Olde Town, Arvada at a shopping center.
Cute Video of a Tulsa Police Officer Pulling Over a Speeding Toddler
WARNING: The following video contains cuteness in very concentrated high levels that may cause serious side effects including: laughing, smiling and a general feeling of happiness. Hit play at your own discretion, you have been warned! A Tulsa police officer is caught on video pulling over his neighbor's kid.
Oklahoma Working to Pass Bills Making It Illegal to Publish Photos or Videos of Law Enforcement
Yesterday (02-24-21) Oklahoma legislators passed another bill, HB 2273. It's a companion bill to SB 6 which passed the Oklahoma State Senate earlier. Both bills would make it illegal to photograph or video law enforcement and publish it on an online site, forum or social media platform. There's been a lot of confusion and concern with the two bills as you can imagine. So what exactly will the new law(s) do and what are the penalties be for violating the law(s)? Also, if this does become law when will it take effect?

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