Old Train Car and Building in Downtown Lawton Should Be a Diner!
Someone needs to buy this property and turn it into a diner, or burger joint. I cut through downtown this morning and passed by what I think was the old Lawton Housing Authority building. You know the one, it's got the train car set up out front. It's right across the street from C.L. Boyd Co Inc. and near the corner of Southeast 2nd street and Southeast F Ave. I love that old building and wish I had the means to buy it and transform it into a 50's style diner, it would make the coolest restaurant in town.
John Wayne: An American Experience Exhibit Is A Must For All Fans!
This past weekend the family took me to the John Wayne: An American Experience exhibit in the Fort Work Stockyards. I got to celebrate my 50th Birthday with the Duke! For me this was a dream come true, I'm a HUGE fan of John Wayne. Ever since I was a little kid I've always looked up to the Duke and loved watching all his movies.
Top 10 Lawton Businesses We Wish Were Still Open
Yesterday I was talking with some friends, reminiscing about places that are no longer open in Lawton, Fort Sill. We all started naming off businesses and restaurants that we loved and would go to all the time, but sadly are no longer with us.
The Origin & History of Halloween
So why do we celebrate Halloween? Well other than the obvious, it's fun and everyone likes parties and candy. This video tells the story of "All Hallow's Eve" from it's very beginning to today. Hit play and learn something new about the holiday and where it came from.

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