The dreaded second wave of COVID-19 is here and we're seeing a sharp increase in not only positive cases being reported in Lawton, Fort Sill and Comanche County but hospitalizations as well. Over the past couple of weeks CCMH (Comanche County Memorial Hospital) has seen a significant rise in hospitalizations.

It was announced yesterday (11-11-20) that Comanche County Memorial Hospital would be adding another unit dedicated to COVID-19. At this time there are a reported 30 plus patients at CCMH and with the surge in positive cases in S.W. Oklahoma the hospital is expecting more in the upcoming weeks and months. Add in the annual cold and flu season and this Fall, Winter is going to be rough.

As the pandemic continues it's putting a serious strain on resources at hospitals, not only in Lawton, Fort Sill but Nationwide. As space, medications, ventilators and even medical staff are being stretched thin trying to combat the virus. There's a real need for more nurses and doctors to help with all the patients and day to day operations.

Locally there are medical students assisting when and where they can and CCMH has asked that any former nurse, doctor or respiratory person or specialist that is available and interested in lending a hand please contact the hospital. Your help would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. In the meantime do your part to help slow or stop the spread of COVID-19. Continue practicing social distancing, wear a mask whenever you enter a building or other populated area and wash or sanitize those hands frequently.

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