As if you needed a reason to justify having the cheesy, greasy, carby goodness that is pizza for dinner any night of the week, today happens to be National Pizza Day in America. So if you're in Lawton, where do you go to find the best slice in town?

We've talked about Lawton's pizza scene in the past, and I've shared with you my favorite pie before - Mazzio's in Duncan, thin-crust pepperoni and sausage - but that isn't convenient for the average family to load up and trek over there at the spur of a moment... so who has the best pizza pie in town?

I don't want to muddy the waters, but I think that's a loaded question that depends on your personal pizza party. I'll explain.

When we have pizza parties around the office, the person in charge of the company purse strings usually treats the twelve of us to two medium pizzas and still has the audacity to call it a party.

Shenanigans. That's not a pizza party, it's a pizza depression, but every company is cheap I suppose. The paramount rule of pizza partying is that if you're calling it a pizza party, you must order one whole pizza for every two people.

Are the people going to eat all of it? Probably not... but excess is the cornerstone of any party. Plus, eating the cold leftovers will bring joy for days.

Second, the smaller the party, the better the pizza has to be. When I host pizza parties for the kiddos, I'm not buying top-tier expensive stuff. That'd be a waste. Instead, they get the $5 Hot-N-Ready's from Caesars. Is it good pizza? No... But it's not bad either and the kids won't care either way.

If it's a low-key, handful of people type of party, you can afford to go all out with the premium options. Luckily for us in Lawton, the premiums are also shockingly affordable.

Order it ahead from Sam's Club. They have a great slice.
Fat Boy's offers massive pizzas.
Papa Louie's is a classic blast from the pizza past.
Firo would impress any group of people.
Luigi's Express makes them big and delicious too.
There's always the safe-bet chain pizza joints.
Taco Bell brought back Mexican pizza if you have the colon for it.
Out of left field came a dark horse, LOL's pizza is shockingly awesome.
The vintage stay-in pie would have to be the delicious original Chef Boyardee kit.
Some of the gas stations in town also sell Hunt Bros Pizza - I love that one too.

There's no shortage of options in Lawton, it's a national holiday, pick your fav and celebrate.

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