Modern-day soul singer Charles Bradley recently covered Black Sabbath's ballad 'Changes' as a B-side on an exclusive Record Store Black Friday seven-inch single. The song has now found its way online, and you can hear it below.

Bradley's recent album, 'Victim of Love,' is turning up on a whole bunch of Top 10 lists, since now's the time of year for these sorta things. The 65-year-old soul singer adds a whole new level of depth to Black Sabbath's popular cut, which was originally found on their 1972 album 'Vol. 4.'

The five-and-a-half-minute remake adds a bunch of R&B staples to one of rock's original power ballads, including sweltering organ fills and soulful horn blasts. Bradley's rough and raw voice makes a perfect match for the song.

Listen to Charles Bradley Cover Black Sabbath's 'Changes'