By: Robert King

To start off my second week as an intern, I was put on assignment to capture footage of the Young Professionals of Lawton doing volunteer work at Douglas Learning Center for MLK Day.
On the way to Cameron to borrow a camera, I realized that the school would be closed due to MLK Day. The doors were locked and a janitor confirmed to me that no one was in office.
With no way to borrow a camera I go back to the station. Tanika loans me her camera, so I head to Douglas.
When I get there I find out that YPL has already left, which means I can’t get any footage or interviews. So once again I head back to the radio station and work on blogs.
Later on that day I attended the MLK Day Celebration Panel Discussion at the McCasland Ballroom at Cameron University. At the event, panelists consisting of educators and students from Oklahoma discussed the current state of education in Oklahoma. Langston University President Kent J. Smith was the keynote speaker.

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