One of the earliest surviving residents of the City of Lawton will be honored by Mayor Fred Finch at a ceremony set to coincide with the city's birthday celebration in August.

The Lawton Birthday reception and ceremony is set to begin at 5:30 p.m. on August 4th in the Banquet Hall at City Hall, where Mayor Fred Fitch will present the Lawton Award in Excellence to Minnette Page. The award, which is given annually by the mayor recognizes a local resident who exemplifies outstanding excellence in service to either our community, state or nation.

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Page was born in Lawton to  Mayer and Minnie Wainstein Zak, who were earliest residents of the region. Page credits her family's example of community service and her father's commitment to education in establishing her path in life as a Lawton Public Schools teacher. She has been an integral part of the Lawton Community for many years, making numerous contributions in preservation of Lawton's history and buildings, as well as serving on the Lawton Board of Education and Lawton City Council. Page has also served as the president of various cultural and civic organizations.

City Hall is located at 212 SW 9th Street. Also on the evening program, the Lawton Rangers and the Pioneer Women's Club of Lawton will be recognized for 78 years of service to the community. The city's actual "birthday" is August 6th and this year will be the 115th anniversary of its founding.

source: The Lawton Constitution