Now that we are half way through the week and getting closer to the Super Bowl, one of my favorite kitchen devices is the Crock Pot. Now just like in real life, this cock pot post had to cook just the right amount of time before it could be posted. Enjoy! You can use the crock pot for a variety of things - big or small. Depending on how many you have planned on attending your Super Bowl Party is going to determine how much to cook. I will attach the recipes for the following simple but yet crowd pleasing dishes you can serve at the Super Bowl Party or at any time.

Of course the all time favorite is Crock Pot Chili. Then you have a couple that could accompany anything from the veggie tray from the other day. Meat balls and Lil Smokies in BBQ sauce. Also on the Lil Smokies there is a different variation i will tell you about, and finally if you are wanting a true Northern meal, go with Navy Bean Soup.

So a bit of reverser order. Navy Bean Soup. This is an easy one to prepare for. 1 bag of Navy Beans. Sort through get rid of the bad ones. Wash twice and let them set over night in a full pot of water with lid on. Next day before putting beans into crock pot, put a ham bone in the center of the crock pot. If you do not have a ham bone, use a couple of ham steaks cut up which can be added to the beans.

Pour beans into crock pot fill with water and turn on low. Let cook for min 3 hours before you add the ham. Once you add ham, turn on high. Cook on high for approximately 2 hours. Then return crock pot to low for the duration. Cook up some cornbread and have some Chow Chow at the ready and your guest will enjoy.

Lil Smokies wrapped in bacon. Well bacon is good with any thing so why not? Take one package of bacon (1lb) and cut into 3 equal sections. Take a slice of bacon and roll a Lil Smokie up. Place a toothpick to hold bacon into place. Put them into the crock pot and sprinkle in at your liking brown sugar. I prefer dark . Let them cook on low for about 4 hours. The sugar will caramelize onto the Lil Smokie and you will have a sweet and salty treat.

Next you can put a couple of packages of Lil Smokies into a crock pot and fill with your favorite BBQ sauce. Mild, wild or hot. Your choice. Cook on low for several hours to get the Lil Smokies all cooked up.

Meat balls. This will take a bit of prep time but the end result will be fantastic! Follow the recipe and serve as a main dish or serve up with the veggie tray.

Finally the Crock Pot Chili. This one people will smell before they arrive in the front door! My suggestion is to give your self a whole day to shop and prep this dish so tat it will be the talk of the Super Bowl Party before during and after.