It's not a fancy drink, but a legitimate question: are you a dirty Oklahoman? With highs above 100 degrees this summer for several days in a row, sweating is inevitable. The question is are you combating the regular reasons, and the seasonal changes, by staying clean enough?

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Hygiene, defined by the CDC, "refers to regularly washing parts of the body and hair with soap and water (including washing your hands and feet), grooming nailsfacial cleanlinesscovering coughs and sneezes, and menstrual hygiene. Personal hygiene practices can help you to feel fresh and healthy."
When it comes to keeping our bodies clean, Oklahoma is generally hitting the mark. According to a study by Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Oklahomans take about 15.5 minute showers, right around the same average time for most Americans.

However, the average number of showers for Americans are 5.9 times a week. What I, and I'm sure you, am wondering is: why isn't that number 7 out of 7?

Now, even though we're on par with cleanliness for our bodies, there seems to be an issue with our hands, specifically. A recent test from the USDA showed that up to 96% of people fail to properly wash their hands before cooking or handling food.

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Here are some things to consider when you're trying to stay clean this summer. Although you might be playing in the water at your local lake or river, showers are just as important! Wildlife live in these bodies of water - I'm sure you wouldn't want to sleep in your bed after taking a dunk in a watered down port-a-potty, now would you? 
Overall, Oklahomans don't seem to be the filthiest people, even when we're melting from the sun's onslaught. 

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