I have driven in a lot of big cities; Minneapolis, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Chicago and more. Although traffic is heavy in these cities I think that drivers in the Lawton area are the most distracted drivers anywhere.

Consumer Reports' National Research Center asked 895 Americans to rate the 20 most annoying drivers and driving habits. Here are the results:

20. Turning radio volume up very high.

19. Bicyclists who don't let you by.

18. Not moving forward when the light turns green.

17. Slow drivers not pulling over when given the chance.

16. Drivers being indecisive about a turn.

15. Not turning on lights in bad conditions.

14. Slowing down to look at accidents

13. Excessive horn honking.

12. Jaywalkers stepping into traffic.

11. Slow drivers in the passing lane.

10. Not using turn signals.

09. Leaving high beams on when another car approaches.

08. Not letting someone else merge

07. Talking on cell phone while driving.

06. Parking in two spaces instead of one.

05. Swerving in and out of traffic and speeding.

04. Drivers that cut off other.

03. Tailgating.

02. Parking in handicapped spaces when able-bodied.


01. Texting while driving!

Finish this phrase by commenting below:  The driving habit that bugs me the most is...